We live more and more comfortably. Heaving water at home is so normal (for the majority of people). Impossible now to live without it. 

Living without a bathroom for two months under a tent in High Atlas mountains, each day, we both, transported water on foot, from the neighbouring village to our wild  mountain hill with this unique view. It was fun. It was also a hard adventure. 

How many days do you usually pass with only your face and hands washed? “Shower – place” construction was the first action after building a big, stone fireplace. Finally we could hang our cloths on an argan tree and use the bucket full of water, being sure that there is nobody seeing us. It was great on shiny days but on windy ones we felt cold. Not each day meant shower. It was during the total lockdown period. We needed a special permit to just go out home. We were lucky and had a choice. Liberty and nature or comforts of home in the center of Agadir. We have passed two months of non-stop activity holidays. Days starting from making fire to have some coffee 🙂 Protecting the fire from wind was a must. We built a stone oven. I have loved waking with the sun and having breakfast with this view and only nature around. Days were full with doing simple things. Wood for the oven and fireplace were the day to day preoccupation.    

I hope I will never forget the moment I have felt the real shower and hot water, at home in Agadir. I had known from years that water is precious, that we have less and less water in Souss Massa region and in so many places in the world. Now I remember how I have saved water during those two months in the nature. It wasn’t so obvious as to turn on the tap. 

Nature – everybody’s small but day to day obligations