Afrikis is love for nature and the simplicity of life.

Our project can be called  the search for truth or the return to the roots, which go back to Africa, because it is where we have found the peace, simplicity and wisdom that are the quintessence of our philosophy of work and life. We derive our knowledge from folk wisdom, legends and notes passed down from generation to generation. Africa has never abandoned its traditions or has never developed modern technology, so it has never lost the ability of taking from the nature, the ingredients of the highest quality. The African continent has a unique, endemic vegetation that has been used in folk medicine and cosmetics for centuries. We reach this tradition and adapt it for you. Afrikis is our most beautiful dream about  good life in accordance with the nature and folk wisdom. A dream in which a body becomes one with the spirit. We restore its well-being and we listen to its needs. Time to love it and take care of it. After all our body will remain with us until the end of our earthly journey.

Afrikis is a woman.

Women are the future, the driving force of the whole world and the energy to act. They bring life. Women in Africa work incredibly hard, sometimes in unimaginably tough conditions, on the edge of their endurance. As a part of solidarity with them, we plan to give them fair remuneration for their painstaking work, which has always been our dream. Afrikis support women’s cooperatives and small factories run by women which produce food, cosmetics and components of the highest quality. The products that we recommend to you come only from the places we have checked where we pay fairly for the work done. Africa is a woman and currently Europe is waking up as a strong and conscious woman. Together, let us help give a better tomorrow to women on a black continent where life is much more difficult.

Afrikis is the travel for travellers.

The one far from the mass tourism. Travel means discovery of tastes, cultures, people, nature and ourselves. It’s fun and adventure, the best teacher and the creator of magical memories.